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IT audit is important, as it gives assurance that the systems are adequately protected. It provides reliable information to the users and manages to get their intended benefits to help promote the overall organizational growth. IT audit also helps reduce risks of data tampering, data loss or leakage, service disruption and poor management of systems. Our approach on the IT audit will confirm the operationality of the IT controls designed within the application to prevent or detect unauthorized transactions. It will also support financial objectives including completeness, accuracy, authorization and existence of transactions.

Information Security & Risk Assessment

Objective assessment of IT frame Identification of crucial information Identification & ranking of damaging risks Identification of IT controls Information Security....

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System Audits

Reliability and accuracy evaluation of data IT policies and procedures IT controls and business continuity Verifying instances of excess outlay of money IT....

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Consultancy Services

ERP Implementation Consultancy Implementation Of ISO Standards Business Continuity & Diaster Recovery Implementation Of IT Governence ERP Implementation Consultancy ERP....

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